acorn Grant Application

The following guidelines apply to grants made from the unrestricted funds of the Bucks County Foundation. Grants made from restricted funds will follow the instructions of the donors.

1. Grants will be awarded to tax-exempt, (501(c)3) , non-profit organizations.

2. Grants will be given only to those organizations that serve Bucks County and its residents.

3. Grants are made only for non-sectarian purposes.

4. Grants will be awarded twice a year, the week following March 15th and September 15th. Applications must be received in the Foundation Post Office Box no later than January 15th or July 15th for the Spring or Fall cycles. (Please do not drop proposals at the office.)

5. Organizations with budgets less than $500,000 may apply for an operating grant or a program grant. Organizations with budgets of $500,000 or more must apply for a program grant.

6. Regardless of the grant committee’s decision, applications for funding may only be made once every twelve months.

7. Only single year grants will be awarded. Successful applicants may reapply for a second year.

8. Site visits may be made.

9. The Foundation does not fund the following:
a. Deficit financing/debt reduction
b. Political activities
c. Advertising publications
d. Religion
e. Umbrella funding organizations/pass-through organizations
f. Research

Applications must be submitted using the Common Grant Application Form of the Philanthropy Network of Greater Philadelphia, which can be found at the website The Foundation may make pro-active grants to address perceived needs in the County. Requests for proposals may be issued. If an organization has questions about their proposed grant submission, they may call the Foundation staff at 215-997-8566.

Visits to the Foundation are STRONGLY discouraged.