acorn History

The Bucks County Foundation owes its existence to a group of community leaders at the Bucks County Bar Association, who recognized a need for local philanthropy, and took action to encourage it. They conceived, organized and established a charitable foundation in 1979, opening the first fund-the Happ Grover Fund, providing scholarships to two local colleges. The Foundation’s purpose was to offer individuals the opportunity to make lasting flexible, gifts to benefit their community, and if needed, assist the Courts of Bucks County by being available for Court appointed funds.

As a community foundation, our charitable activities are guided by a widely representative and knowledgeable Distribution Committee, all volunteers, whose members are appointed by the Bucks County Bar Association, the Bucks County Medical Society, the Bucks County Community College, Delaware Valley College and the Orphan’s Court of Bucks County. The Foundation enables donors to tailor perpetual gifts for particular or general charitable purposes, that cannot be adequately met otherwise. The Bucks County Foundation assures past, present and future donors that their gifts will be used wisely and effectively to address the needs of the County in perpetuity.