acorn Newtown
     Community Foundation

Mission Statement
The mission of the Newtown Community Foundation is to
enhance the quality of life for residents of the Newtown region
by stimulating philanthropic opportunity and developing
long-term financial assets to meet a wide range of the community’s charitable needs.

In 2003 a group of Newtown business people held a meeting to explore the best way to support the growing number of worthwhile charitable organizations in the Newtown area.

They recognized that having to respond to numerous requests for donations from each group annually was inefficient and time consuming. However, they also realized that these organizations delivered valuable services to the local community, and needed to continue their work.

After carefully exploring their options, they chose to create a “Community Foundation”. The Foundation would accumulate funds from individuals and businesses that would be permanently invested, generating income each year to be distributed as grants to local non-profit agencies.

A business, family or an individual could create a “Fund” within the Foundation, or invest in the Foundation’s general fund, and know that their investment would continue to grow in perpetuity. It would provide permanent support to the Newtown community using the income of the funds for grants, while the principal remains untouched.

Many of the funds created are scholarship funds. This offers families who have suffered a loss, the opportunity to memorialize a loved one in perpetuity through a scholarship to a Council Rock student.

In 2004 the Newtown Community Foundation officially incorporated and received its charitable status, meaning all funds invested are tax deductible to the donor. In 2005 the Board decided to become a supporting organization of the Bucks County Foundation, a community foundation serving all of Bucks County since 1979. As a Supporting Organization, Newtown can offer the same range of funds, use the same guidelines and avoid the administrative expenses of a larger organization.

Early in 2005, Newtown Community Foundation received its first gift and invited the community to invest in the future of Newtown.

Board of Directors

Richard Rogers- President
Willilam Kolenda CPA- Treasurer
D. Keith Brown Esq.- Secretary


Mark Klein
Dan Schaeffer
Jim Coane
Nancy Pickering