“I felt incredibly grateful, surprised, and so lucky to have received
this gift from the Bucks County Foundation”
~ Ellie T., scholarship recipient

“I felt incredibly grateful, surprised,
and so lucky to have received this gift
from the Bucks County Foundation”
~ Ellie T., scholarship recipient

Explore the Power of Giving

Since our founding in 1979, the staff at BCF have been working closely with donors, local leaders, and nonprofit organizations to improve the quality of life in Bucks County. Our work with local charitable organizations helps to improve the health and wellbeing of children and families across the county. We are grateful to share the joy of giving with our generous fundholders and we invite you to explore the power of giving.

We are here to help the generous people who care about Bucks County leave a legacy for the causes and people who need them. We help their gift to be part of something bigger.



BCF was founded in 1979 by a group of community leaders at the Bucks County Bar Association, specifically J. Lawrence Grim, Jr., Esquire, Arthur M. Eastburn Jr., Esquire, and Walter Jackson, Esquire, who recognized a need for local philanthropy. With the opening of the first fund, the Happ Grover Fund, they established a charitable foundation providing scholarships to two local colleges.

The Foundation’s purpose was to offer individuals the opportunity to make lasting, flexible, gifts to benefit their community, and if needed, assist the Courts of Bucks County with court-appointed funds. In 2006, BCF received funding that enabled the Foundation to distributed grant through a competitive application process. As our services continue to evolve, we are not only helping our donors’ dollars to grow, but we are helping to ensure their funds will serve in perpetuity.

Enabling your gift to grow a better tomorrow

A named fund at the Bucks County Foundation enables you to channel your philanthropy in multiple directions from one source. Any individual, family business, private foundation, or organization can create a fund at BCF by making a contribution of cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, life insurance, or mutual funds.

Philanthropy offers valuable estate planning advantages and enables you to create a legacy for the public good. Whatever your philanthropic dreams, the Bucks County Foundation offers an array of tax-wise options to help you make a difference in your community and your family for years to come.

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The mission of the Bucks County Foundation is to enhance the quality of life for residents of the county by stimulating philanthropic opportunity and developing long-term financial assets to meet a wide range of the community’s charitable needs.


  • Grace M. Deon, Esquire – President & Director
  • Ronald R. Bolig, Esquire – Treasurer & Director
  • Peter M. Van Dine, J.D. – Secretary & Director
  • Felicia L. Ganther, J.D., Ph.D. – Director
  • Joseph O’Neill, DO – Director
  • Benjamin E. Rusiloski, Ph.D. – Director
  • Lucy Steitz, CFP – Director


With our mission designed to benefit the broadest possible base, the Foundation has given several million dollars in grants and scholarships to more than one hundred schools and charitable organizations working tirelessly to provide vital services throughout Bucks County.

BCF plays an important role in supporting agencies that ensure children, youth, families, and seniors have the basic services they need for their health, welfare, and education. We assist local organizations working to preserve our environment and our beautiful countryside. We support those concerned with animals, with historical preservation, with our cultural heritage.

As we work to increase our visibility and extend our reach, we are making a commitment to forever. The creation of an endowed fund within our Foundation, ensures a living legacy for generations to come.

Imagine the faces of future Bucks County students, when they receive scholarships years from now that will support their goals of higher education, all because of a fund created today. Your endowed fund will continue to make dreams come true, long after you are gone.





Bucks County Foundation is proud to partner with NCF, a supporting organization focused on enhancing the quality of life for residents of Newtown, PA and the surrounding local area.